Dirty dishes in a tub with bubbles

Easy to Clean

Hand holding the Gratest dish

Fits Comfortably in Your Hand

Finger touching bottom of the Gratest dish

Finger Friendly

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Do you love garlic, but hate the hassle?

We’ve been there…

No more hassle with less effective gadgets

when you use The Gratest!

knife, peeler and press vs the Gratest


• By the time you use a knife to mince your ingredient, you could have used The Gratest and already moved on to step 2 of your recipe.

• Pureed garlic is more potent than minced garlic so you’ll automatically intensify the flavor in your meal creations!

• By owning The Gratest, we wholeheartedly believe you will automatically increase the happiness in your life! It did for us!




Gratest dish with measurements and details


The Gratest is designed for the passionate home cook, by passionate home cooks. Our plate is designed to be deeper and more effective than any other grater plate, ever. We put so much love into designing The Gratest and our recipes collection. We hope it helps bring you and your loved ones closer over some delicious food!

Don’t forget to use our existing recipes with your Gratest, as well as whatever your beautiful mind can create!

We will continue to add to our recipe collection so you’ll always have a source of inspiration.

Table with a pasta dish, the Gratest and food